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THE STATE OF CHILL  Hello Dear Chill-Bits Friends, It has been a while since we've interacted with you! We hope you are keeping well and looking forward to a new year of growth in many ways for 2023. We are surely ready to tackle this new year with the daily help of meditation in order to stay balanced in mind, spirit and body. We are taking this opportunity to invite you to listen to Hal Halli's new album called: State of Chill. The State of Chill is the latest instrumental addition to all our Chill-Bits songs. We are also planning to explore the relaxing sounds of Chill Harp in the near future. Of course, Chill Harp album with have it's own Celtic flair. Stay tuned! With much love! Keep in touch! Johanne McInnis for Hal Halli              

Message from Hal Halli`s regarding his new Lofi LP

"I really believe I have an essential message to share: To be mindful, to have faith and to chill. Of course, the more at ease we feel, the more we can live in a state of grace, a state of chill."

Chill-Bits Inspirations

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Influenced by everything from lo-fi to the Beatles, Hal has been rocking it for years. Singing in bars on Toronto’s Queen Street strip, programming, arranging composing and recording for decades, He brings rich experiences to Chill-Bits. Living in many worlds, Hal has been a school teacher, front man, d-jay, composer-arranger, published author, internationally known photographer and father. His infectious groovescreativity and sense of humor bring unique dynamics to the Chill-Bits sound  


Johanne is an accomplished musician. A fine guitarist, an adept pianist, she is an accomplished harpist and creator of “Nature Speaks” & her Jazz Celtic Harp Ensemble. She has been a house harpist at the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City, Johanne has been breaking new ground in English and French Canada for decades. A devoted and enthusiastic elementary school teacher who thought from elementary to university, trained yoga instructor, mother of four, a student of meditation and mindfulness, she pursues life with relentless passion and optimism.

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